Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"One!" -- from the students of Xijen IT College, in Bontoc, Philippines after a presentation by 1Mandala artist on our systems

I was delighted to make the trip this morning into Bontoc to meet with Joel and his students at Xijen IT college.  This college runs independently of the government, yet manages to have vibrant bunch of students-- even if they were a little shy!  I've never had to encourage students so much just to hold up their hands to make a comment!

I gave them a little overview of the emerging word of social media and the various web technologies that I see at the forefront-- HTML5, Open source SMSs, Facebook Pages, etc.  Of course, the 1Mandala is using all these, so I gave them a tour of our backend systems, a philosophical brief on the concept of Oneness, a crash course in sacred geometry, and a short dissertation on Jungian Collective Consciousness.  I was really impressed when at the end I asked some random summary question-- and they had not only been listening, but understanding!

And of course, I invited them to take a peace portrait.


Holding up 1 finger and saying "Peace!" the students of Xijen Information Technolgy College and Russell pose for a peace portrait. The students and college are collaborating to translate the 1Mandala site into Tagalog (the Filippino language) over the next weeks as Russell introduces them to the latest applications of social media, CMS and translation technology.

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