Friday, April 10, 2009

An Adventure in Art

Some of you have been wondering about this strange place I have been referring to as the Castle.

Reinhart Zabka converted this old farm baron´s castle into a repository of his art going back to before the fall of the Berlin wall. Reinhart has converted all sorts of crazy things he has found in garbages and antique stores. When East German´s could finally buy western things in the 1980s apparently they threw lots of things out. Reinhart turned them into art. His castle is packed full of it!

It is an interesting place culturally, artistically and historically. His art is the opposite of my minimalistic style! He calls it maximalist! There is an overload of things to see. However, this makes for great photography. I put together this little experimental neandering film that pans broadly then zooms into the specific details of his crazy creations.

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