Sunday, July 27, 2008

Blissing out on Beauty

They say too much of a good thing, isn't good.  Can one overdose on beauty?  My ride this morning is seeped in it.  The trail neanders through a lush, verdent forest.  The sun peaks through the canopy speckling my path with flashes of golden light.  Vines hang down from the branches, young deers prance across the path, cardinals play in the air before me, countless turtles sun bath on the old canal beside the path.   As I pass, they christen the air with a ongoing medlley of plops as they dive into the water for cover.  I can't get over how nice it is out here.

I passed a couple this morning who too are cycling towards Washington.  I commented on how little gear they were carrying for their trip.  "I don't want to make you envious said one, but we're staying at Bed and Breakfasts along the way".  I nodded, and smiled  to myself inwardly.  I would never in a million years forsake my non-B&B travel and the experiences it has precipitated!

The encounter reminded me of a scene from Star Wars, the Empire Strikes Back.  Luke has traveled to the planet Dagobah to learn from Yoda, the master jedi teacher.  Trekking through the jungle they come to the entrance of a dark cave.  Luke is curious what lurks within.  He grabs his light saber to investigate. Yoda shakes his head: "You not need that in there.  Whatever you bring you will meet" .  Impetuously, Luke brings it anyway.  There he meets and faces a phatom Darth Vader with a light saber also.  They fight, and when Vader's head falls to the ground, it is Luke's face that peers out.

 What you bring on a journey, shapes it.   If you're traveling in a monster RV you'll be camping in a lot of Walmart parking lots.  If you're on a bike, you see deers, turtles, and meet tons of people.  If you plan to stay at B&B's, there you will stay.  If you bring your own tent-- who knows where you will be!  I don't mean to judge.  Its not better or worse in any which way.  It just the way it is.

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