Friday, April 30, 2010

[1] A dozen faiths unite in Oneness in Manila

Here's great portrait of several dozen folks being the new world of
Oneness that is the joyful celebration we all want it to be! A dozen
faith groups, from Tibetan to Batayan, from Mormons to Sihk, all got
together in Manila for an Interfaith celebration. Each shared
participated in a dance of the other! Each shared a prayer for peace
in their way, and shared that of the other. Here everyone gathered
together for a peace portrait with 1Mandala artist Russell Maier.

Here's your daily dose of good vibes!

The 1Mandala project regularily shares the latest great 1Portrait
submissions. These are portraits taken intentionally to celebrate
Oneness and show people from around the planet united in beaming light
out to the world-- and to you! Because... we are all one.

To see more peace portraits, subscribe or unsubscribe, or to learn
more about the 1Mandala project visit:

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Watching the Sun Set on Manila Bay and thinking about my Love

A little impromptu flute piece

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2.5 Million

2.5 Million or so.

That is how many Philipinos were listening to us last night on the radio! When Irina asked me to join her on a talk radio show, for some reason I thought it was going to a little hobby affair based in someone's basement.

Nope. 9th floor of a highrise in metro-Manilla and one of the most known and listened to programs in the country. We talked about Reproductive Rights and Creative Sexual Energy. We were joined by Sandra from Humanty's Team, David on wellness, and PapaDon the intrepid announcer.

You all know how interested and fascinated by co-creation. I've been blogging excitedly about it's potential to tap sexual energy in a whole new way for humanity. Rather than procreating we can cocreate. Vocational arousal. Supra-sexual inspiration. The 1Mandala project. Mandalic teams of males and females consciously using their different energies to manifest in ways far more powerful than ever before. A whole new way of beautifully doing things. Yep. And now Philipinos know more about it all too!

David was able to jump in and add great insights on the personal health side of these new ideas. Sandra and Irina layed out the detriments of the old and antiquated values and thought forms attached to sexuality, while Irina talked of the sociological consequences on women here in the Philipines. PapaDon added the spice with his natual knack for repartee and jokes.

We had a blast!

Here's a link to one of my past blogs on the topic:

Monday, April 26, 2010

A man with a rose

Dr. Sushil Koirala is a man with a mission from Nepal. Better said,
he is a man with a rose. For everyOne.

I met him at an Interfaith gathering in Manila. There he passed out
dozens of roses to everyone.

It started as a way to bring peace in his home country. He encourages
people to gove roses to each other. How can you make war with someone
who has given you a rose? Far easier just to smile back!

Sushil says: "Roses are many colours. But they are all roses. We too
are of many races, colours and religions. But we are all one. Roses
are unversal. Everyone can understand. Everyone loves to receive
them. And it makes everyone smile!"


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving into Manila

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The other day I said good bye to Abby and hello to a new apartment in Manila. Abby is now on her way to a new job in Amsterdam and I to a new moment here in Manila.

I am really in Manila now. There's no question. It is hot-- above 34 each day. There are rich and poor all around. Black SUVs drive by mothers with babies literally sleeping on the side walk. Street children laugh and play and beg everwhere. More Starbucks than I have ever seen clutter the streets along side every American chain franchise you can think of. I had my first Krispy Kream coffee last week with Abby nearby. Seatle's Best Coffee has great wifi.

Somehow, I find myself in apparently one of the coolness apartment blocks in Manila. Everyone knows about it. It's an old building in Spanish style. 10ft ceilings, mohagony hardwood floors. It is filled with art and artists. It is a pleasure to just chill here. Can you beleive... I moved in here without seeing it, or knowing Anything about it first! I just jumped. And... Of course so did Chiqui, the elegant woman I am renting from, who of course rented to me without meeting me either!

I am having a blast. I am also really proud of Abby. She is following her heart with yet greater passion and courage to embrace a wonderful cycling job in Holland. Go Abby go!

And... Off I go!

Until our next moment...

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mandalically Meeting Sarah

It's always cool to meet someone in person who you have first met
online. It's even cooler when that person is/was 5000 kms away, lives
in a country you never imagined you would visit and just happens to an
artist who specializes in collaborative mandalas! (I of course am the
latter too).

This weekend Abby and I met up with Sarah. Sarah and I first
connected on Facebook, then she began contributing to the 1Mandala co-
creation group-- all digital of course. We both resonate deeply with
a shared passion for mandalas and the oneness call.

How cool then to meet in person! And what a beautiful and onederful
way to meet-- we met Sarah, her artschool kids and a hundred other
people at an interfaith celebration here in Manilla! Half a dozen
faiths met to celebrate peace and oneness. How perfect is that?

Below are some shots of us meeting Sarah and the dozen kids she was
with. Her and the children lead the people from the gathering in the
creation of their own clay and crayon mandalas that were then added to
the grand collaborative mandala with a centre of rose pedals. Abby
and I worked for five of the kids to co-create a beautiful mini clay

Not only that but just as we began first shaking hands, the MC invited
everone up to start inter-culture dancing! Before we knew it we were
swept up in a dance with the kids and everyone else from a dozen
different countries! The MC called out the name of each country and
the person there led a dance from there country-- we went from the
Philipines to Holland to Nepal to Japan to... Canada!

What kind of dance do we do in Canada?! All I could think of, having
grown up in the Yukon, home of the Klondike goldrush and saloons was,
yep, the Kan-Kan! Ha ha! I got everyone in a circle and we kicked
ours legs high in the air!

Yeay Kanada!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mercury Rising

In the last two years that I have been traveling I have got to know the stars that I have so often slept under. There's been one star however that I have never quite been a le to see. A Planet to be precise.


Both Mercury and Venus are within the orbit of the Earth around the sun. Thus, when the sun sets, Venus and Mercury set with it. Venus, closer than Mercury is known as the evening and morning star because of this. It is only visible after the sun is just below the horizon at dawn or dusk.

Mercury likewise, but it's visibility is much more sensitive! Because it is closer to the sun it is only in the sky for a little longer after the sun sets. If there are mountains or trees on the horizon you'll never see it. If your in a city, the ambient brightness is too strong. If mercury is on the other side of the sun in it's orbit, you have no chance either.

However, if you happened to be on Borocay Island in the Philippines, looking out to the ocean horizon, on April 19th... Well... Hurray!

Walking hand in hand on the beach Abby and I watched the sun set, then Venus, then mercury appear. In that moment we could literally see the actual spin of the earth as the sun slipped across the line of the horizon. And as the tiny dot of mercury appeared far in the distance we could feel ourselves on the third orbit of our solar system.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Meeting Oneness in Manilla

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The other day, Abby and met up with a Humanity's Team study group in Manilla. What a joy it is to meet again in yet another culture and place, friendly folks passionate about exploring Oneness consciousness.

We had so much to talk about! Abby and I found our way across the city to meet up with Sands and Irina. We chatted excitedly for the first hour and a half before the rest of the group arrived. Then forming a talking circle we went around three times exploring everything from the catholic concept of devils, to what oneness looks like, to how to give to beggars.


I am looking forward to more.

Irina has invited me to speak with her on her radio show on new spirituality and sexuality next week.

Facing Fear - Bar coaster art!

I sketched this little cartoon out for Abby at the bar of the Great Canadian Pub in Paris.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dawn in Dubai

I write this on the plane. In a moment I will arrive in the Philippines. The Philippines! I am in awe that love and art are taking me so beautifully here. What a grand adventure all this is!

I really never could ever have guessed I would be heading there now. The Phillipines-- what?!

Of course, neither can I anticipate or plan what ever wonders that will befall me there!

The other night, I had a nine hour layover in Dubai. I was determined to get out and see the city. Traveling light, open to languages and interactions I was back in my grove.

I figured that with 9hrs in Dubai I might as well get out to see this legendary place. Of course it is also legendarily expensive! So, I had an idea-- why not do a loop with a public bus?

I met half a dozen strangers who guided me on my midnight bus ride through the City of Dubai. It was wonderful again to be fluidly using Arabic, French and English to chit chat and meet with strangers. An Afrikan security guard lent me his bus card to make the journey (you can't pay with change on the buses!). He trusted me-- a complete stranger, that I would bring it back to his post at the airport.

And I did! After a 4am til dawn bus ride that took me on the most unexpected tour ever. The bus driver and a Marekesh migrant worker were my guides. By the time I made it back the sun was dawning on the incredible buildings that make up the Dubai cityscape.

Not often you get a tour like that! And not often do you get such a perspective from one of the hired labourers who is actually building the shinny buildings. The truth: they are not so shiny afterall.

And now this airplane hurtles me to the arms of my awaiting lover in Manilla.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Lost No More

A week or so ago, I found myself wandering the streets of Paris without any idea where I was.

But, I was not lost.

My grandfather would not have agreed with my manner of making my way to my destination. I have many memories of planning road trips with him. Before setting out anywhere, various maps and atlases would be consulted. The merits of this route vs that route would be discussed. The weather and traffic would be considered.

I just have never been able to do it this way. Perhaps I am fundamentally flawed. Perhaps I am on to something existentially profound about living deeply in my moment.

Regardless, using my iPhone walking through mysterious streets, I can geo-locate myself live on a google city map and orientate towards my destination. It's pretty amazing really. I like to think of it as "live planning".

Of course, my grandfather would point ou that I ended up being 15 minutes late for my meeting. That but was mainly due to all the amazing galleries and stores I stumbled upon on my way!

Even with the best panning technniques I still remember arriving with my grandparents with only 5 minutes to spare for a flight-- somehow we thought it was to be in 2hrs time.

But we made it. And I messaged my friend to let him know I was 15 minutes behind (so was he) for our Paris rendezvous vous. Everything was alright.

In fact everything is and shall be alright.

And here I am writing this story about a Paris from a mansion in Manilla. Somehow, there are somethings you just can't plan.