Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Into the Blue

I am really excited to share this movie.

It was created over the last week during my time at Bob's Hostel in Amsterdam.   I must say, I had a pretty amazing time.   I remember pulling into downtown Amsterdam without any idea where I would go and what exactly I would do.   All, I had was a thought-- boy it would be nice to spend a little while in this cool city.

Sitting here, in a small Dutch town almost two weeks later as I ride north, I  shake my head.   If you've been following my blog you've read some of my the adventures and blessings that have befallen me here.    How the heck did all that happen?   I've been feeling a lot of gratitude.  And I have been feeling a lot of love-- from people near and far.  The combination has put me on a cloud most of the week.   I hope that my intuitively, non-planned creation of this mural and movie reflect a little of what I was feeling!  

It is a mural that was meant to be just blue, but was instead infused with golden light.  Quite literally!   For a few days I laboured over whether to keep my original austere vision of a strict tonal exploration of one hue of blue-- or to add some yellow.   The one colour concept is an idea that I have had for a while and which involves keep to certain rules and restrictions.

When I posted a request for advice on my blog, I received a dozen or so comments on whether to add yellow.  Thank you for all your feedback!   The consistent theme of the comments was "Follow your heart".  

That made it easy.  

My conclusion:  Add the yellow, add the light, go with love.   Drop the silly rules and prescriptions that would keep such a vibrant addition out.   The more love, for the more people that one lives and expresses the richer and deeper and more fulfilling one's moments are.   



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Romi Love said...

Russel! The video is so funny and your paint is beatiful! I wanna one in my bedroom! Love,

Romi from Argentina