Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bringing Light!

My friend Jed's restaurant has an amazing window that let's in beautiful light. One morning inspiration struck. I've used glass bottles and food coloring in exhibits back in Canada. Why not bring some light to Sagada?

I dutifully collected bottles from my house parties over the last month, and soaked off the labels. My little friend Dianne helped me concoct the colors. Sammi the cook helped me hang them, and my friend Angela was able to bring the colors of the rainbow up with her from Manila. And here it now hangs!

I just love the radiant colour effect! I can sit there at Jed's restaurant with my morning coffee and just stare at the luminous colours for a good moment! Depending on my mood one colour or another draws me more.

The technique is so simple. I highly recommend it!

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