Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Connection is the Lack of Connection

This last week has been fantastic.  Avid readers will have noted that I have been on an internet diet.  My initial objective was connecting for only an hour a day.  A skii trip and a snow shoeing expedition meant that this goal was far exceeded.  I am proud to say that for several days this week, I did not even see a single pixel!  

Could there be a connection between my fantastic week and my lack of connection?  Could it be possible that my laptop love is a plagued by excessive co-dependence?  Yes... I do we have a problem my computer and I:  Honey... I need a little space.  You're starting to cramp my style!  I think we need to loosen things up and see other people-- the blue sky, the trees and the fresh air to be precise!  

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