Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pharmaceutical Cure for a Down Day

 Today I stumbled upon a remarkable non-pharmaceutical, yet definitively pharmacy based,  remedy for the down day:  A visit to your local drugstore.

Wandering the pharmacy isles one immediately becomes aware of the vast amount of ailments that one does not have.  Its like a library of potential misfortune-- adult diapers, cold medication, foot and itch powders, reading glasses, wart solutions, et ce te ra.  

With each isle, with each glance, it rapidly becomes clear that you've got life pretty good.  Silently, you wisper grateful Halejujahs.  Bandages, orthopedic inserts, tums, cough drops.  Keep walking.  Keep looking and taking it in.   Super Pain relievers, hang nail antidotes, anti-fungals, you name it.  Even walking through the cosmetic, panty hose and nail polish aisles can be a silent joy to the unsophisticated male!


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