Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celebrating a Year of Homelessness

Near Prince Rupert, BC Canada-- a year ago.

It was almost exactly a year ago that I left my home in Smithers, BC, Canada.

Tis a moment to reflect upon. I left behind my community, my country, my friends and everything that I knew. The process involved ending a loving relationship and selling all my material possession.

Basically, I let go of home.

It was a pretty scary endeavour. It took me months, maybe even a year if you throw in the concluding of the relationship, to do. Gabrielle and I had at least four garage sales and in the end I was just giving stuff away. With each possession that I let go of, one more string was cut. I had to conclude murals, projects and presidencies.

And when the last brush stroke on my mural and Smithers life had been made, I literally walked out the door, got on my bike and pedaled off into the unknown.

Towards Berlin. Into my dream.

And so, ladies and gentlemen... a year has passed after this CRAZY act of letting go and jumping into the unknown. Where I am now?

I would like to share my moment right now.

I am in Berlin! I have been living my dream of making art in this great city. In my pocket are keys. A surprising amount of keys for a homeless person! I have keys to two apartments in two central areas of Berlin with two great Berlin friends who have opened their home's to me. I have the key to a studio in Kreutzburg-- one of the funkiest art districts in Germany if not the world. I have the key to a the gallery cafe where I am currently showing eight great big paintings!

Today, although the cafe is closed, I am working here on their wireless lan. I have the whole place to myself as I process and photograph my work.

And Love? I really really thought for a moment as I pedaled off from Smithers that the nature of my journey would make me un-lovable. I would be an itenerant vagabond, sliding anonymously through towns and cities meeting no one.

Ladies and gentlemen I am sooooo loved right now I feel like a sun about to go super nova. New friends, long lost friends, family, and beautiful lovers all send me a solar blaze of good intentions and love. With joy I spill this back into my art, my mandala project and into radiant generosity.

Ahhh... but to be fair, I must share one other detail. I don't have any money.

That is an important thing to note. But, importantly, I ask, who the heck needs money if you have all the most beautiful and wonderful things already? I have one Euro left in my pocket. This morning I will use it to buy dish soap for my lover here in Berlin so that I can do her dishes!

Perhaps this is most telling-- once having but a dollar would have wracked me with fear. Now, I laugh and spend it joyfully on another. Nice.

I've been moving forward.

Cycling with my lover through the streets of Berlin.

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