Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I am who I am Becoming

Who am I?

Tis a fitting question for the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. 

 Holy shit have I had a crazy intense year. From Canada to Paris, where I lived with my lover in an amazing and posh pad, to six months of being down and out in a remote Filipino village where they sacrifice chickens and drink cobra blood.

Wow... I could never ever have imagined all this. Yet, despite the vast material, relationship and geographical fluctuations my intentions and purpose have never been more consistent and focused.  And thus a realization about this very blog.

This blog has a lot of white in it does it not? It's pretty plain. Even the title is vacuous. I came up with the title on a 2AM whim two years ago. I went with white and the sparse design because, well, I suppose I felt alot like a blank slate. I was discarding skins that were not my own to become he who I am becoming.

 Now, hundreds of posts later, thousands of kilometers and through countless moments of heart rending beauty, I have much more to say about myself.  I feel I can now say it and express because of one paradoxical reason:  I know it isn't me.   I mean, it is me now, in this moment, yet I can and will change-- but what the heck-- why not just be it full out while I am it!

So this blog will now be evolving dramatically to catch up with he who I am becoming. 

 Let's start with my blog bio:

Russell Maier is a Jedi Artist.  Integrating locally to co-create globally,  Russell speaks over seven languages from Arabic to German to local indigenous dialects.  His art has exhibited in galleries from Vancouver to New York to Berlin. Yet, he is most at home far from the great cities.  Believing passionately that Art is not just for the wealthy but is one of our most powerful Oneness Consciousness tools, he travels the Earth, sharing the sacred art of the Mandala  to the disadvantaged and disconnected in humble villages and challenged lands.

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