Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years in Sagada!

The scene from my New Year, in Sagada: 12:00 AM - the locals do their ancient circle dance to the beat of their brass gongs. A hazy mist of cloud, bond-fire smoke, and the remnant of fire crackers has fallen over the village. All around he town erupts in dancing, gongs and firecrackers. Bang, boom! It feels half like a war zone and half like a tribal celebration as a cacophony of sounds erupts all over the normally sleepy town. Young and old form spontaneous rhythmic circles of dance in the streets. My friend and I duck and take cover as misguided pyrotechnics fly at us from the other side of the square.

What a night! And all this after stumbling on a feast full of friends, french food and a profound conversation and connection.

What a truly beautiful beginning to the new year!

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