Monday, March 14, 2011

Working with these awesome Muslim/Christian Youth Leaders

This weekend, I made the trip down to Manila to do some exciting art with 80 Muslim and Christian Youth leaders! Two different communities for the first time at an Eco park in the city to get to know each and continue us their peacemaker training. United Religions Initiative has been working with them to train them as leaders and peacemakers. What an awesome group they've got going!

Sarah, Orlan and I led them through the fundamentals of mandalas and cocreation. This mandala we made out of chalk, their personal drawings, leaves and stones was the culmination of the day.

These are amazing kids with great potential. During my time with them, I shared some social media basics. All these kids use Facebook. If they come together virtually as well as they did this weekend to co-create the sky is the limit!

This beautiful collaborative mandala is fantastic example of what they will achieve working together.

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Jaime said...

How absolutely fantastic Russel.... What an amazing experience:) All the best in your efforts to promote peace. Much love and light Jaime