Saturday, February 26, 2011

Creative Generosity

I am learning generosity here in the Philippines. But not just any generosity. Creative generosity.

I've never had so little money in my life. Yet I've never been able to be so generous. I am learning that true generosity, truly sharing a blessing, has nothing to do with money. It's about creativity and intent. And those are mine to give at any moment!

From intent flows creativity-- the more creative your generosity, the more you are giving, and the greater the blessing all around!

About as many pesos as would buy two Starbucks coffees enabled Sarah and I to buy the healthiest ingredients for a massive batch of banana, oatmeal, cinnamon, raisin, wholewheat pancakes. We got the local kids involved in the cooking. Kids that get very little family attention or artistic opportunity. We then got them drawing on the banana leaves that we would be using as wrappers. They had a joyful blast drawing shapes and smiles and people and animals to decorate them. The rest of the family came into the kitchen to watch and help. Everyone got into it as they learned of our homeless food production plan!

Sarah has now been commuting around the city with the pancakes on hand to give away. People are always asking for food. Or maybe you just see them sleeping on the streets.

Just imagine being alone in the dark on the street then being handed a homemade, love infused, banana pancake, packaged in children's drawings!



Sarah shared with me the other day that after handing some pancakes out, the couple called back to her-- "The children who made these are heaven sent!"

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