Saturday, August 20, 2011

122 Students, 2 Rooms, 1 Ball, 1 Computer and Some Very Committed Teachers

I've been making mandalas from a crazy remote and challenged school in the mountains of Paracelis, Philipinnes.  The school serves the isolated Ga'dan tribe.  The teachers make a 2 hour commute over rough road, then stay the week in the two room school-- the other four rooms were recently destroyed by a Typhoon. The coffee and food is cooked over a wood fire in their plank and bamboo living quarters.  The school has one ball and one computer for 122 students, yet boy are they eager to learn!  I don't think I have taught at a school yet were I was received by a cheering crowd, so many smiles and so much grattitude by both the teachers... and the students!

Despite the complete lack of art supplies... we all worked together and made the most amazing mandalas ever!  The students scavagenged garbage, leaves and grass to make the most original and beautiful mosaic mandalas. The teachers themselves we're dazzled.  When I arrived they asked me what art supplies I was bringing with me.  I had just smiled.  

"We didn't think you could actually coordinate 120 kids at once, let alone have them make such beautiful art"  

I think that was my biggest reward-- to see the kids inspired to new heights by the creative and collaborative challenge.  

Once I am back in civilization and I can connect to WIFI I will post pics.  

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