Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Making mandalas with Trash and Organic Materials

Here's a little video of my work with the crazy remote school I mentioned in my past post.  The movie features a series of trash and plant mandalas made by students from the Ga'dan tribe. BNTAS Annonat Extension
is a remote school in the Paracelis region of the Northern Philippines. It was established four years ago to serve the isolated Ga'dan tribe. Six teachers live full time at the school. They work hard under Spartan conditions to not only teach but also to establish
the basic infrastructure and repair typhoon damage. Our Mandalas are dedicated to them!

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Laurie Hansen said...

RUSSELL!! HOW AMAZING! I just Tweeted for you: YOU MUST see my friends @1Mandala in action! A little does a lot . BEAUTIIFUL #Edchat @AngelaMaiers
Hope it helps!