Saturday, July 26, 2008

Beautiful Days

I am starting to fall behind in my blogging.  The reason is not for lack of material.  Everyday is a treasure trove of new and uncannily rich experiences and encounters.  They come at me one moment after the other.  

In a recent e-mail to a friend I had seen a week ago, I commented that it seemed a month had passed.  In the space of a week I have had a harrowing experience in a lightning storm, jumped into cool and calm rivers, met beautiful and kind people one after the other, and completed the Great Allegheny Passage Trail.  After camping in the back yard of a kind and generous family, I spent the afternoon with a beautiful young lady who gave me an improptu tour of Cumberland, Maryland and insightful discourse on the state of american culture.  And of course, while we walk-- I was experiencing it!  On the trail I have met fellow cyclists with great stories, and locals who are happy to encounter and to help out a "free radical" traveler along the road. 

 I often think that if I had just one day a month like I have had this week, back in Smithers, I would be happy.  Here I am having them everyday.  I am feeling 'free' and my journey most people are finding rather 'radical'.  So 'free radical' isn't such a bad term.

I now embark on the 185 mile long Chesapeake & Ohio Canal bike trail now.  Its a little rougher than the Allegheny trail but just as nice.  It follows a 18th century canal tow path through forest and fields.  I have stopped by the side of the trail and picked up someone's kindly unsecured wireless network.  I've been making some calls and checking my e-mail.
Now... back to the trail!

Photo taken by a fellow cyclist overlooking the continental  divide.  At this point water on one side flows to the Gulf of Mexico watershed.  Water on the other flows to the Chesepeake watershed.

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