Thursday, July 3, 2008

I am in America

I can't help it.  Undoubtedly it is my Canadian tinted glasses, but in my time here in the US of A, I have picked up some quintessentially american statements.  In several cases I had my laptop open and typed them out as they were spoken.  In others, their sheer stature seered them into my memory!

These words were overheard the other day on way from Port Angeles to Seattle.

"I need some greasy tater totts-- they will heeaaaaal my bod-ay!"  (spoken in a thick southern accent by someone who had been complaining about eating too many vegetables and salads while in Canada).

"Apparently, the whole mountain is for sale"  A comment made by the bus driver when someone alluded to the nice scenery.

"The Power of a Positive Wife"  The title of a red white and blue book in the window of a Christian book store.

"Live. Worship.  Shop"  The motto under the sign in Bellevue, one of  the towns around Pittsburgh.

"Usually the ferry has a coast guard escort-- they have big guns on board to protect us from Terrorism"  Another comment by the bus driver on the ferry across to Seattle.  He was however speaking with genuine cynicism.  The conversation that follow by the various locals was about the collossal waste of money the escort entailed.

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