Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Knight in the Forest

We all know those epic movies that follow a lone knight as he battles dragons, trolls and other impending obstacles on his way to some lofty, near impossible goal.  On his (or her of course!) long journey, he traverses forests, rivers, oceans and mountains, toiling in the rain and blazing sun.   

Not to be too melodramatic, or too influenced by Jospeh Cambell, but, this evening I feel a little bit like that knight.

Yes, I've been cycling over mountains and now I happen to write from a ferry while crossing the ocean to Seattle.  However, if the anology falls into place tonight, it is because I have just escaped the firey breath of a dragon.  The US border patrol to be precise.  I just barely, barely made it across this evening to Port Angeles.  It turns out that a past crossing difficulty 5 years ago is still linked to my passport-- my brand new passport at that.  

However, I had arrows ready to let fly, my sword in its scabbard, and steed well watered!  I have learned from past crossing experiences.   I had all my tickets, letters of reference, proof of residency, proof of funds, etc... all ready to go.  Presented one after another in a barrage of steely facts, I was able to convince the overworked, distant and skeptical officer the truth of my story.  

And, just in time.  

The ferry horn had already sounded I  rushed on board last.  The gate was closed behind me as I scuttled across the deck to the nearest bench, a nervous wreck!

Of course, once aboard, it only took a moment to sheath my sword, and tie up my trusted stead-- or rather park my luggage and pocket my papers and laptop. 

Onward ho!  Off into the sunset I sail-- a small colourful respite.  Does the next monster even dare rear its head from the depths of the bright sea?   

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