Saturday, October 11, 2008

The 100th Post

Well, well, I just logged in to make an entry, when I noticed the number beside the post on my Blogger Dashboard.

This is my 100th post!  I still remember a late night in Smithers, after a long postponement, determined to get a blog going,  setting it up, and chosing the name 'Missive 452' in a rush of impetuous passion.  I then made my first post ("Hello World!").  That was all within a 5 minute space of time!

The blog has progressed greatly since that two word entry.   Yesterday, I had yet another comment on my adventures and my writing that I should write a book!  I don't quite no about that yet.  First I need to get to Berlin.  That feels daunting enough.  

I will keep the posts coming though.  My life is so rich at the moment, it feels like a travesty to not express the feelings and thoughts that my journey is inspiring.   

Its becoming a real pleasure.  Crafting the words, adding photos, and then posting to the world is a real exercise in authenticity.  I am declaring and defining myself on a daily basis.  There's no hiding here!

Ok... on to the next post!

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