Friday, October 10, 2008

The Berries on the Side of the Road

At this time in England, the black berries are hitting their perfect ripeness.  On the side of roads and paths, their heavily landen branches bend and beckon to the passerby. 

I've been indulging greatly in these tasty treats.   As I eat them on the roadside, cars fly by impervious to the bounty. To be sure, they will arrive in the next town much sooner.   Yet, if they keep to such speeds, they will surely be missing out on a great pleasure.   I couldn't help but think that they are a great metaphor for life.

Before I left Canada, there stories in the media about how the fantstic health benefits of fresh berries.  First, picked, they are as fresh a food as you can get.  Second, they are intense packets vitamins and anti-carcinogens.   Third, unlike pills and pharmaceuticals they digest and enter your system smoothly.   And as an added bonus they are free and there's no packaging  involved!

However, there is one major requirement for benefiting from fresh berries: You need to be going at a pace where you can both see that they are there on the side of your road, but that you can stop, and pick them one by one.   If one is cruising through life at high velocity, then sorry, no berries!   One misses the bounty and the beauty that the universe is clamoring to offer to you from only feet away on the side of the road.

I've been enjoying a lot of berries lately.   Literally and figuratively.  


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