Saturday, May 7, 2011

Making a Mandala out of Trash deep in the Jungle Mountains

This morning, I step out into the sunshine to discover a foot wide, gigantic and vibrant moth sitting on my doorstep.

I am in a magical and beautiful place.

Hi there Team,

I write you from the really isolated mountain village of Natonin!  I've not had internet for 5 days!

I've been here leading the local youth in making a mandala prayer on taking care of their environment. The mandala is being made out of trasht that we picked up around the village.

 Its very remote and beautiful here.  The people and culture are amazing.  I danced with them in one of their eagle dance rituals last night. They drink the water from the river, eat the snails and crabs and eels still.  A really amazing place.

No wifi here so I can't yet post any photos.  Shortly!

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