Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Native Games

It's the fourth or fifth day of the Natonin village festival. I've been staying here almost a week now. I am the only white person in the village even for this event. Walking down the main street I am assailed with smiles. When i meet the folks curious looks and stares their looks always melt into shimmering eyes and great big smiles. I haven't smiled so much in a long time!

Yesterday they had the Native Games. This involved a race making rice! Dressed in their native attire, a man and a women would begin the laborious process of taking two bunches of harvested rice, separating, grinding, sifting and cleaning. All in all it took about half an hour. It was amazing to watch! This is really what they still do, so they are good at it. Natonin is famous for it's rice terraces and rice. The contest was graded on who finished first, and also the quality and colour of the rice (each couple had brought rice from their own field).

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