Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Omen-Lahe Mandala Movie

Here it is! The movie of transforming trash into a mandala with much meaning. I am thinking that through working with village, a series of trash-transformed paintings would be a real success....

During the 'Gag-gag-ay di Dumap ay Youth Summit on the Environment', 85 youth from the remote and mountainous region of Natonin gathered to co-create the Omen-Lahe Mandala. Together they picked-up, washed, cut and transformed the "trash" littering the streets and forest of Natonin using the ancient and sacred art of the mandala. Using the symbols of Natonin, their mandala represents the resolution of the youth to Unite (horn), Protect (shield), Work (bolo) and Persevere (axe) in 'Omen-lahe' (moving forward) to keep Natonin a beautiful place to live. The 'Omen-Lahe Mandala' is a wonderful example of how we can work together harmoniously to realize our dreams, transform our problems, and make our community and world beautiful.

Made possible by:

UNFPA-MT province
DEPED-Mt Province
Provincial Health Office
Provincial Population Office
Provincial and Natonin SK
Natonin Municipal Local Gov't Unit

Co-created by

The 85 Natonin Gag-gag-ay Di Dumap-ay Youth Summit Delegates
Mt. Prov. Summit coordinator Irene Bakisan
Special thanks to the other facilitators,
Mayor & Shirley Chiyawan, Bernard,
carpenters & great cooks.
Music of the gongs by Barangay Tonglayan

Orchestrated by artist ®

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