Sunday, April 13, 2008

Life - Unsweetned

This past week I have tasted the unsweetness of victory.  Typically, victories are sweet, but this time... successfully living a week without sugar, has been the opposite.  In an attempt to consciously consume no refined sugar, I have experience the consciousness of sugars prevalence-- in everything.

 I noticed just how sweet my chile sauce was.  I noticed the high ranking of "sugar" in my spaghetti sauce's ingredient list.  They even put the stuff into smoked bacon!  The interesting thing is how cultural sugar consumption is-- from gifts of chocolate, to birthday cakes.  Alas, I must confess that the last two, resulted in me caving into cultural pressure and a small but sweet defeat!

Its interesting how consciousness is inspired by denial and absence.   I became aware of how much I appreciate honey in my tea, syrop on my pancakes, and an afternoon nanaimo bar or cafe treat.  Thankfully, t was not nearly as difficult to forgoe these things as it was my week of coffee abstinence.  In fact, given how unhealthy refined sugar is, hopefully I can do a better job perpetuating this denial!

Next week:  No Movies.

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