Thursday, April 17, 2008

Point C not B

Well, sometime you just don't get where you are going. This little blog is being typed from a hotel in Prince Rupert. Outside it is white, wet and windy. This morning my friend and I were headed to the Queen Charlotte Islands for what looked to be an extravagant bicycle trip for the next few days. The forecast calls for clear and sunny skies on the normally rainy island, for the next several days. Alas, a series of small, seeming innocent and insignificant delays, at the outset of our departure led to us being no more than several colossally frustrating minutes too late. In case you didn't know, 15 minutes before departure, on this particular BC ferries route, the manifest is called in, and no more passengers can be taken aboard.

And that's that.

We managed to make it over to the Museum of Northern BC-- where incidentally I am supposed to have a show in July. I came across this nice little nugget on an artist statement:

"It is my experience as an artist that time spent engrossed in making is the most vigorous conceptual lubricator"

I feel like doing some art now! Maybe it can aid me in processing my emotions concerning my currently conflicted relationship with the beneficence of the universe.

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