Monday, April 28, 2008

New Paintings in Library's Children's Section

"Our library is more than a repository of books-- it is a place where minds and imaginations have a chance to soar.  "Library in the Valley" is a merging of my stainglass style and my recent explorations of mandalas.  Using the mathematical repetition of numbers, and by carefully chosing colours and forms, I have tried to create a striking and harmonious picture that will engage viewers of all ages for a long time to come."

"Because Libraries are such central points in a community, they have been centers of knowledge, culture and art for centuries around the world.    It is a honour to be able to contribute my art in this venerable tradition, and even more so in our own small town."

 "I think its a wonderful tribute to the vision of the library, our local sponsors and the community that art is being incorporated into our public library to be enjoyed for decades by a large cross section of the community.  The incorporation of art into cities or spaces-- be it sculptures, architecture or image-- is a time tested and venerable path to making it a great place."

See also the news story on the Smithers Art Gallery Site

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