Friday, April 4, 2008

Tim Hortons: Giving Away Garbage for Free

Coffee mugs.  Made of paper.  Used once.  Thrown out.  Next coffee.  New cup.  

This strikingly linear cycle has always bothered me.  Sure, I've used my share of coffee cups.  However, every time, I am plagued by this insatiable sense that there has to be a better solution.

And of course there is.  You bring your own travel mug.  However, my simmering sense of cup unease, is set a blaze every year at about this time.  You see, Tim Hortons, Canada biggest coffee shop company, brings out is "Roll up the Rim" Contest in the Spring.  After consuming your coffee, you roll up the paper rim of your cup to see if you won some crassly materialistic prize-- an ipod or boat perhaps.

So that everyone has a chance to enjoy the fun,  in-store-porcelaine-mug-drinkers and coffee mug tooters, are given there own paper mug!  Yes... as a friend of mine recently said, its the one place were unused garbage is given away for free-- and happily accepted and trashed.

Or... ditched.  The thing is, Tim Hortons, among all the other fast food and fast coffee places, does not offer any way to recycle these cups (which incidentally are not made of recycled material).  Hundreds end up in the world around us.  As you walk along the streets and sidewalks of Smithers, you see a Tim Hortons mug every 20 yard on average-- I am not kidding!  Perhaps it is part of some sort of sinister marketing strategy.

I've decided to put my artistic powers into play to do something against this evil scourge of collective unconsciousness.  Watch out!  Mandalla Man is on his way!

To be continued....

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dw declare said...

think of the tens of thousands of canadians who every day have a cup of coffee or two from tim hortons...and many of them will have a cup within a cup so as not to burn their delicate little fingers. add all the cookie and doughnut bags and coffee holders into the mix and you've got yourself one heckava thoughtless, foul trash heap! and this goes on day after day after day...

their coffee and doughnuts are garbage for the body...and the aftermath is garbage strewn about our country.