Friday, May 23, 2008

Fears Forsaken: Daisy Arises

Two years ago, inspired by a good book, I asked myself a fateful question:  What do I fear?  The list, short at first, grew long.  A burst of courage inspired me to challenge those fears.  One of them, near the top, was Death and Aging.  An off shoot of this fear I observed to be manifest in my circle of friends and acquaintances-- they were mainly my age.  I had very little contact with anyone over 60 or 70 years old.  In a small community, this is a notable social generation oversight, that surely said many things not just of me, but of my culture.

I decided to tackle this fear head on.  I came up with a devious scheme.  Why not do an art installation in the local seniors care centre?  One phone call lead to another, alot of political and social engineering ensued by myself and others, and I now find myself now on the third phase of a major project.  

Beautiful things happen when one tackles one's fears head on.  

There is a fantastic three panel cartoon I remember seeing that illustrates the process of confronting fear.  First frame:  Man running away from giant sized monster.  Second frame:  Man turning to look at slightly smaller monster.  Third frame:  Man walking towards shrunk mini-monster with foot poised to easily step upon.  

I can now imagine the fourth frame:  Little daisy rising from spot of squished monster.

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