Thursday, May 1, 2008

Harmonious Completion

As I prepare to move on from my community here in Smithers of the last four years, I have baptized my last days here with the theme of 'harmonious completion'.  Rather than being "crazy busy" or "preoccupied" it is a much more satisfying and positive theme to work with.  The difference is palpable as my completions progress.

I once read that in the moments of our lives of major change, there is much energy in the air and if we are conscious of it, we make much of it.  I am in such a moment, and, there is indeed much energy in the air!  A remarkable series of sycronicities are moving me forward in the wrapping up of my commitments and the beginnings of my new chapter.

While working on a mural in town last year, I bought myself a starbucks coffee.  An unlikely source of profundity, the cup's quotation, resonated with me.  As an artist achieving "greatness" is a constant query by stereotype of this particular path.  It is also a severe distraction in times such as these of being in the moment and doing things well and Good.

I recently photographed the mug.  It serve as a paint brush and water holder-- not to mention a reminder-- for sometime.  Although it is fast approaching its end of those first uses, this photograph will extend its latter service.  

"A person's pursuit of goodness leads to greatness, but the pursuit of greatness leads to ruin.  Pursue goodness and you will acheive great things"

As I wrap things up, I seeing just how much better it is having things done things well, and good, rather than 'greatly'.  Greatness is incidental.  Goodness is essential.

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