Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mandala Flower of Purpose

Here is a recent creation for Humanity's Team Canada.  This image uses a mandala flower to illustrate the core values of the movement.  

 It strikes me that mandala patterns are particularily well suited for illustrating the focused intensions found in mission and vision statements. One can almost imagine how ideas, thoughts and feelings are continuously crystalizing outward from us in a ripple like pattern  through time.  In this way, its as if we all have mandala like fields of patterned thoughts  emanating out from us in all directions.  This would be true of of organizations and groups of people also.  By placing the values and priorities of an organization's intention in a circular it is a reminder and illustration of this principle.

 I feel, that having the mandala around the flower is thus quite appropriate.  It represents not only the growth and flowering of the group's movement, but the the beautiful emanations that it is creating all around it.

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