Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Oneness Mandala: Phase One

This is the art work for a 4ft by 5ft banner on its way to the Humanity's Team World Conference in Argentina.  Here is the statement that goes with it and the project:

Humanity's Team Canada and contemporary artist Russell Maier are orchestrating the creation of a grand collaborative mandala. The Oneness Manadala is being composed of hundreds of self portraits submitted from around the world of people beaming thoughts of peace.   With your help, it will soon be made of thousands more!

Mandalas are an ancient spiritual art form found in almost every religious traditions.  Mandalas use circular geometry to create powerful consciousness raising art.  Our Oneness Mandala will be a powerful statement of our interconnectedness.  

You are invited to submit your self-portrait! 

See www.1Mandala.org for guidelines and for more.  The project is now translated into seven languages.

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