Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Can You Feel the Romanian Breeze?

Arad,Romania: "Una cu Viata,Natura bucuriei!"

Today, I opened up my laptop on a sunny Spring morning near Berlin.  

There in my Inbox was a message from a stranger in Romania.

It was her peace portrait submission for the 1Mandala. What a dazzling photo! I could just imagine her standing in a park raising her hands up the sky. So much so, that I flicked on my webcam, stood up and did the same.  

We often wonder, how do you bring peace to the world? How do you make the world a better place?  

First, you find it in yourself! Then, like a gentle breeze it sweeps across from one field to another. Soon thousands of flowers are dancing in its wake. I get these amazing photos in my Inbox and can't help but feel in myself the same emotions welling up in reflection. Its a beautiful example of how good energy spreads from one smile to another. Words and language and material things are just intermediaries in this inevitably contagious exchange.  

And now... her beautiful moment is bouncing into yours.  

Can you feel the breeze? :-)

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