Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Peace Portrait of the Day

A Tree and a Human Hug. A snow melting peace portrait from Bavaria.

So the 1Mandala Project is getting so many great peace portraits these days. They flow into my inbox and each morning, and am faced with a great smile from somewhere in the world. How cool is that?

Basically, its just too cool. I just got to share it!

That said, I've come up with the idea of featuring a Peace Portrait of the Day. Using Flickr, Facebook, Blogger and Flickr and RSS feeds we're sharing the peace right back at the world. For those who follow me on Flickr and Facebook you've been getting my experiments on sending them out. For those of you who follow my blog you'll see the Twitter link posted at the top right corner.

For those who want to follow the flow, you can get the peace portrait of the day by following 1Mandala (i.e. me!) on these links:

RSS: feed://

I am convinced that the way you do a project is just as important as the goal of the project. Let me say that another way: "The means is just as important as the ends". Or another: "The medium is the message". Or one more time, "the journey is just as important as the destination."

My project is about Oneness. Sure, the idea of unveiling a great big Mandala in NYC is pretty cool. But what is really important and frankly, the best, is the way we're doing it. WE (the 1Mandala team of dozens of people all around the world) are connecting and collaborating and working together in beautiful ways with people from all over. Inspired Collaboration!

If my project's goal is Peace and Oneness, then, ladies and gentlemen, its gotta be about every step/pedal of the way. The Peace Portrait of the Day is just another manifestation of this.

So, for all you have sent in your peace portrait-- know that you cannot give with out receiving. Know that you are affecting that stranger from Romania, just as they are effecting you. And here is that Peace, right back at you, one peace portrait each day.


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