Monday, July 27, 2009


Today I find myself in Slovenia.

Yep. I am just as surprised as you. If you happen to come from Northern Canada, Slovenia is perhaps just as distant as and mysterious as Timbuktu! Imagine my delight then, to be invited to stay the night at a mountain spiritual retreat in the hills of Slovenia.

I arrived by train in Monfalcone Italy with my bike in a box. I was in need some place to get it back together. Monfalcone is right beside Trieste. Trieste is on the border between Italy and Slovenia. Steve know Stefano. Stefano is the caretaker of this retreat-- an old Balkan army post in the hills. He invited me to visit! The Zeleni centre is now a place for yoga, meditation and peace.

And... Reiki! This weekend a Reiki retreat was going on and I was introduced to all the marvelous folks. They were eager to contribute to 1Mandala project. After a weekend of Reiki learning they were filled with some seriously good energy and some great peace portraits were the result.

This peace portrait of them all was taken yesterday as well as today's peace portrait of the day.

Now I just need to get my bike fixed!

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