Thursday, July 30, 2009

I am the Dream

Yesterday, Stefano, after a tour of the tumultous city of Trieste, took me up to a cliff overlooking Trieste and the Adriatic sea. Off in the distance you could see Slovenia, Italy and even Croatia. I enthusiastically put my hands in the air told him that at the very moment I was living my dream-- biking around the world and being in Italy!

It wasn't until we we're back at the Zeleni centre that I realized that I had just lived the painting that I had made in Berlin "I have a Dream". It made me shiver. I had even been wearing my red shirt. The only difference was that a half moon hung high instead of the sun.

My meeting and time with Stefano has been filled with beautiful and en-couraging resonance.
I made this updated sketch for Stefano. The title:

"I am the Dream".

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Anonymous said...

ehi russel .. it is really lovely and beautiful!
..thanks from deep of my heart for your gift.. it make really sense for me .. I AM THE DREAM! action of course..
..and I'm flying to everthing is possibile ;)
We are 1