Friday, November 27, 2009

Healing & Oneness

A photo taken on yesterday's reflective walk down by the river.

I've been getting some pretty dramatic and profound comments on my latest writing. I'd like to post one of them.

This one really touched me-- not just because it is from a good friend but because it makes a crucial connection for me. As you know, my 1mandala journey has been all about Oneness. But what is Oneness exactly? And as you also know, my journey right now is about Healing. But what is healing exactly?

My good friend Jarette points out the connection.


Hello dear friend Russell,

Sounds like you've stepped into the next phase of the process... recognition of your own healing. This is powerful man, and wonderful indeed.

I've wanted to share this next thought with you for a long time now, but I didn't feel ready. But now, after reading your words I know that I'm ready to offer this idea.

I've learned in my journey that everything without stems from everything within... and so therefore true oneness with the world stems from true oness within ourselves. Once we align the internal oneness within our own spirit, we then align the ultimate onenss with our universe.

Working from within is the greatest offer to working from without.

I'm happy to hear that you are forward in Canada and healing yourself. It's a great next step in the process. Thank you for listening to yourself and joining the gap within your own separation.

You're doing wonders for the world right now!


Thank you Jarette. That did wonders for me.

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