Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The 1Mandala at Notre Dame

For the last month and half, the conceptual infrastructure for the 1Mandala project has been being laid. It is proving a beautiful process! 25 people from all over the world have joined a google group to co-creatively refine the core Statement of Intention. Its been about two weeks that we've been discussing one little sentence. But an important sentence! It will guide the 1Mandala onwards!

We've been posting text messages back and forth. Dan suggested however that the way the words sound and feel is also crucial. He encouraged me to read it out loud for the group. I was about to do it in the apartment, when it struck me there was a much more apropos place to do so!

The Nortre Dame cathedral goes back to the 12th century. It, like the 1Mandala will be, is a collaboration across time of different architects, kings, and congregations-- and mainly just regular folk, working away to build it into what it is now. It completely transcends the vision of any one architect or king and has evolved through a shared vision into what it is now.

It was the place to read our two final versions of the Statement of Intention for building another grand human mandala.

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