Thursday, March 4, 2010

Last E-Mail. First Words

So for quite a long time now, I have been working with a team of people from all over on the 1Mandala. And now, as the 1Mandala renews, I will be working with a team of people from all over on the 1Mandala.

However, this time its going to be different.

Before, when someone would help out and contribute, I would add their e-mail to the team list. Now, I am letting that list go. Many were inspired to contribute to the 1Mandala because of my leadership and nice-guy-ness.

BUT... when it comes to co-creating (again, here is a distinction to collaboration) intention is crucial. Resonance is crucial. You don't co-create because you are following a leader. You co-create because you resonate with an idea. And oh my... that is so much more powerful for creative potential. And so, the team starts over. Fresh. This time I am not adding anyone's e-mail nor even inviting even the most promising candidate.

I put a lot of focus in to writing this e-mail below. It is the last e-mail that has gone out to my old team. The title was: "Last E-Mail. First Words"

Dear friends,

This will be the last e-mail you receive on this list.

From here, the 1Mandala project will be moving forward fully on our 1Mandala Co-Creation Google Group. You are invited to follow, join, and co-create. Select the link to join in your language:

Eng | Fran | Esp | Ned | Deutsch | عربي | Rom | Magyar | Italiano

Many of you will be leaving us at this cross-road.

Thank you for coming so far on this epic adventure! In parting, I wish to share a couple dozen words with you which you have played a part in choosing.

Your energy-- through a meeting, a peace portrait, a suggestion-- has helped refine the overall intention of the 1Mandala project. This sentence has been edited and refined over and over for two years as our direction has become clearer and clearer. It is a great example of how little things that we say and do help shape and make big things happen.

Here it is:

"To harmoniously, sustainably and planetarily co-create a grand healing mandala of intentional 1Portraits in a healing celebration of the emerging Oneness Consciousness on Earth.”

A long process has brought us around to here. As one circle ends, another begins! It is now time to rexamine this intention anew. Co-creatively!

This means, the statement of intention is open for change, revision and re-confirmation. From this single sentence the blssoming of the 1Mandala will blossom. We will move from crystalizing this intention to building an Intention Map (similar to a business plan) for the 1Mandala. The process will unfold over the next few weeks and roles will evolve.

To view the full Intention statement, along with the definition of terms sign in to the Google Group. In the discussion page share your thoughts and suggestions.


We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

T.S. Eliot

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