Monday, March 15, 2010

Quelle Vie!

Yesterday Abby and I stopped to reflect on our life here in France.

We found ourselves in the French countryside, an hour's train ride from Paris. We had taken off for a day long walk with a group of hikers. Under my arms were 12 eggs and goat cheese, purchased from a farmer we met along the way, and soon to be a fabulous omlette. The sun had just broken through the clouds as we stopped to reflect.

It had been a brilliant walk, full of fresh air and wide open spaces. Abby, had been practicing her French full out all day, and we had been meeting and chatting with all sorts of characters. The night before we had been up to 2AM at a house warming of a friends-- where we were joined by a whole circle of other friends we have been getting to know in the last months.

The day before we did a three hour yoga workshop in the heart of the city, and afterwards hung out with new friends and then I had finalized a great new short film contract. And the night before that we had gone to a dungeonesque bar dressed in medieval clothing to partake in medieval French circle dances. I am not kidding! And the days before that more dance lessons, great dinner, wine, bagueets, ultimate frisbee and more friends and fufiling work.

In Paris there is so much to do that often you feel guilty for not doing it. Hence, to take a moment and reflect and be grateful for all the blessings that you do indeed have is... integral!

And now, working on a great computer, I sip my tea as the sunlight spills into our marvelous apartment. Wow.

The 1Mandala project is coming back together beautifully, I am inspired with a whole new series of mandala creativity, and Abby and I are daily getting to know each other better and explore what it means to be together as an evolotionary couple, as we prepare for our next adventure in the Philipinnes!

Quelle vie.

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