Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometimes it doesn't have to be Beautiful

It has been a long while since I painted. The other day I just threw down a canvas, grabed what paints and brushes I had and saidto myself: "Russell, you can just paint Whatever! No pressure"

You see when you are a professional artist there's always a little pressure. You gotta paint something that looks good! It's kinda a basic assumption that it's going to be great and beautiful. But what about just expressing? Thos is what it is all about. Sometimes that gets sacrificed on the altar of expectations.

So, for this one I just painted. The colours are hardly harmonious. They clash, the shapes are tumultous. But whatever! It was like a dark blockage that needed to released and let go.

Now, out of the darkness, I feel alot more luminious creativity on it's way!

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