Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2.5 Million

2.5 Million or so.

That is how many Philipinos were listening to us last night on the radio! When Irina asked me to join her on a talk radio show, for some reason I thought it was going to a little hobby affair based in someone's basement.

Nope. 9th floor of a highrise in metro-Manilla and one of the most known and listened to programs in the country. We talked about Reproductive Rights and Creative Sexual Energy. We were joined by Sandra from Humanty's Team, David on wellness, and PapaDon the intrepid announcer.

You all know how interested and fascinated by co-creation. I've been blogging excitedly about it's potential to tap sexual energy in a whole new way for humanity. Rather than procreating we can cocreate. Vocational arousal. Supra-sexual inspiration. The 1Mandala project. Mandalic teams of males and females consciously using their different energies to manifest in ways far more powerful than ever before. A whole new way of beautifully doing things. Yep. And now Philipinos know more about it all too!

David was able to jump in and add great insights on the personal health side of these new ideas. Sandra and Irina layed out the detriments of the old and antiquated values and thought forms attached to sexuality, while Irina talked of the sociological consequences on women here in the Philipines. PapaDon added the spice with his natual knack for repartee and jokes.

We had a blast!

Here's a link to one of my past blogs on the topic:

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