Sunday, April 25, 2010

Moving into Manila

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The other day I said good bye to Abby and hello to a new apartment in Manila. Abby is now on her way to a new job in Amsterdam and I to a new moment here in Manila.

I am really in Manila now. There's no question. It is hot-- above 34 each day. There are rich and poor all around. Black SUVs drive by mothers with babies literally sleeping on the side walk. Street children laugh and play and beg everwhere. More Starbucks than I have ever seen clutter the streets along side every American chain franchise you can think of. I had my first Krispy Kream coffee last week with Abby nearby. Seatle's Best Coffee has great wifi.

Somehow, I find myself in apparently one of the coolness apartment blocks in Manila. Everyone knows about it. It's an old building in Spanish style. 10ft ceilings, mohagony hardwood floors. It is filled with art and artists. It is a pleasure to just chill here. Can you beleive... I moved in here without seeing it, or knowing Anything about it first! I just jumped. And... Of course so did Chiqui, the elegant woman I am renting from, who of course rented to me without meeting me either!

I am having a blast. I am also really proud of Abby. She is following her heart with yet greater passion and courage to embrace a wonderful cycling job in Holland. Go Abby go!

And... Off I go!

Until our next moment...

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