Friday, April 30, 2010

[1] A dozen faiths unite in Oneness in Manila

Here's great portrait of several dozen folks being the new world of
Oneness that is the joyful celebration we all want it to be! A dozen
faith groups, from Tibetan to Batayan, from Mormons to Sihk, all got
together in Manila for an Interfaith celebration. Each shared
participated in a dance of the other! Each shared a prayer for peace
in their way, and shared that of the other. Here everyone gathered
together for a peace portrait with 1Mandala artist Russell Maier.

Here's your daily dose of good vibes!

The 1Mandala project regularily shares the latest great 1Portrait
submissions. These are portraits taken intentionally to celebrate
Oneness and show people from around the planet united in beaming light
out to the world-- and to you! Because... we are all one.

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