Thursday, July 1, 2010

Light Saber back in Hand

I wrote this four weeks ago. I've just updated my light saber... Er... iPhone to the powerful new operating system. It is a good moment to post this.

The last few days have been wonderful. For the first time, in a long time I have been completely disconnected. My iPhone died mysteriously as I entered Sagada. For the last two days I haven't been able to SMS, call, internet, or email.

It has been soooo nice.

I need to do this more often! It has not only given me a great breather, but a great appreciation for my iPhone based system that I operate with. As I struggled to use internet cafes and Dada the Monk's laptop, I was struck by how much time I was consuming just to do a simple blog update, or email message or balance transfer.

With this little device that I carry in my pocket, I can do all that and more ten times more efficiently. I use my iPhone as my camera, photolibrary, video camera, voice recorder, map, gps locator, you name it. And if I wish to share a photo, a video, a recording, it is but a few slides and it is off. I am incredibly organized and efficient when it comes to my digital life and communications. All this enables me to travel and be just about anywhere and do my work.

So why not work from a breathtakingly beautiful cabin perched on a hilltop of terraced rice paddies? Exactly.

But what exactly is my work?

Dada is a monk for the Ananda Marga order. He spoke of how the founder of his order, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti, envisioned a time when monks with elevated psychic skills would wander the Earth using their powers to sew seeds of love and peace. The "Jedi" they were to be called. We've all seen Star Wars which is also inspired by this idea.

I also recently saw the movie "Men who stare at goats". The movie tells the story of a man who beleivde in developing "warriors of love and peace". They too were to be called the Jedi.

I beleive these sources are all pointing to a deep and true archetype.

Of course in Star Wars, these Jedi do more fighting with light sabers than peacemaking-- Anything else would have probably decreased box office sales! So what would these Jedi knight really look like?

I can tell you.

First and foremost, they would be deeply in touch with "the force"--the web of consciousness and energy that we are all apart of and contribute too. Guided by their intuition and their dreams they would move fluidly place to place as they were needed. The would have well honed ears for listening and integrating. They would meld into the languages and cultures of each place they visited. Through long periods of study, mentorships, self imposed trials and tribulations, and much meditation, they would have a deep consciousness of themselves, their own culture, their weakness and strengths-- enabling the empathy and openess to Love greatly and brilliantly. There would be little judgement in them, enabling deep connections with everyone that the Force in it's wisdom, guides them to on their path.

They would also possess elevated telepathic abilities again developed through the constant demands of their unending stream of interactions with people from all demographics, ages and cultures. 'Mind reading' -- a deep empathic attunement-- would enable them to connect with strangers easily and to learn languages at speeds most would assume impossible. Dreams would guide them to places and people with glimpses of the future. Astral projection would enable them them to visit and bless people and places they have since parted from. Pure living, eating and breathing would enable clear intuitional choices and guidance by benevolent extra dimensional beings and intelligences-- as well as protection from the not so good ones.

Wherever they go these Jedi would sew potent moments of peace that would reverberate for years of generations to come. Not always would it be a smooth series of care-bear-ish rainbow interactions. On the contrary. Their example, their hearts and their potent chanelling of the force would inspire and challenge deeply, causing stress, emotional reactions and more in those that they meet-- alas the necessary growing pains for discarding antiquated skins of consciousness.

But always, as they move on, ripples of peace are set in motion to echoe on.

There are more of us emerging. As we realize that the only way to bring peace is to be peace-- it is inevitable.

May the oneness be with you.

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