Thursday, July 29, 2010

1Mandala Prints are Launched!

The new 1Mandala Print shown by social entrepreneur Catalina, near Bucharest, Romania.
The following is the first letter sent out to Canadians to announce our new 1Mandala print sales


Hello dear Canadian 1Mandala friends,

You're getting this because you're Canadian and you're a part-- literally-- of the new 1Mandala.

Many of you have been following and supporting the project for a long time now. And almost all of you here have contributed your portrait! I am proud to say that your portrait, and a thousand others, are now in the newest build of the 1Mandala!

Beautiful, first edition 1Mandala art prints are now available!

We've been working real hard the last few months and have made tons of progress. Alas, it has been on the foundation-- and all underground! This means in the coming weeks we will be unveiling a whole lot-- a new core team, a new intention, a new invitation, a new structure to organize our team, new funding mechanisms, and the new 1Mandala!

Since the 1Mandala began in Canada we're beginning the unveiling here first.

Buying a print means a lot more than getting a pretty picture. Consider it an 1nvestment: An investment in a cutting edge project that literally enables the cooperation of anyone in the planet to fulfill a shared intention. A project that will inspire thousands moments of oneness around the planet then weave them together, using the ancient and sacred art of the mandala. A movement that will be a mighty powerful way to reflect, celebrate and energize the consciousness of our Oneness that is emerging here on Earth. Oneness-- that one radical idea that enables us to truly transcend the conflict, injustice, hunger and separation that has plagued humanity for too long.

Invest and get a piece of the action!

I am also proud to share that, going with the one of the goals of the project to outsource high-end-spiritual work to developing countries, Humanity's Team Romania is printing the 1Mandala from Bucharest. Catalina (shown below with her family) shown below receives a third of the profits for her social entrepreneurism.

Be sure you're on our 1Mandala Facebook group to hear as we unveil the latest 1Mandala developments.

Because we are all One,

Russell and the New 1Mandala Team

The New Global Team of the 1Mandala Project:

Russell Maier, Sagada, Earth

Helen Layton, Canada

Dan Millstein, United States of America

Yorlene Vega, Costa Rica

John Edwards, Canada

Catalina Sursilov, Romania

Vero Ciz, Argentina

Jarrett Krentzel, United States of America

Sarah Queblatin, Philippines

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