Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Digging Deep

The 1Mandala team and I have been busy writing.  We have come up with a series of newsletters that will shortly be going out.  I am quite proud of them Here's the first!  


When you build big, you gotta dig deep.  Your foundation has to be rock

Alas when you're deep underground no one see can see you-- even if you're
working real hard!  The last few months we've been working hard and laying deep the 1Mandala's foundation.  Yet despite all our hard work-- there
hasn't been much to see!

Until now.

We are emerging into the light!  Over the next few weeks we'll be
introducing you to the new project-- from our new intention, our new core
team, our new project invite, our new co-creative engine, and... a
thousand-strong new build of the 1Mandala.

We dream of building a mandala with tens of thousands of people.  This is
a big!  And when your building something big, the likes of which has never been seen before, it requires not only a strong foundation, but doing
things a whole new way.

Oh boy... are we excited to share our new foundation with you and the gold
nuggets of co-creative insight we've found underground!

Stay tuned folks as we roll out our new pillars one by one over the next
few weeks.

Because we are all One,

Russell & the New 1Mandala 1Team

The New Global 1Team of the 1Mandala Project:

Russell Maier - Sagada, Earth
Helen Layton - BC, Canada
Dan Millstein - California, USA
Yorlene Vega - Jaco, Costa Rica
John Edwards - Hamilton, Canada
Catalina Sursilov - Bucharest,Romania
Vero Ciz - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Jarrett Krentzel - NYC, America
Sarah Queblatin - Manila, Philippines

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