Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Return of the Artist

I am working hard to fundraise for my return to Paris and Italy. Above is one of the paintings that I am putting up for sale from my catalogue. 'Smithers Cows' - 24"x32". Acrylic on canvas

The 1Mandala relaunch has begun! One element of the foundation that our core team has concurred on is my role as the artist. Our team has now formally incorporated my journey around the world into the plan.

And so, I am relaunching too!

A year ago I was just this crazy artist with a bike and a dream. Now I am still a crazy artist with a bike and a shared dream. The dream, the intention is shared, and vastly open to being even more shared. Now it is a co-creative journey with a well laid out plan, team, objectives, budget and artist.

My role as the artist and the journey are thus now formal elements of our project budget and Intention Map. Our team is 100% behind me as I seek to raise the funds and sponsorship to return to my bike and the road. What a better way to create! What a great feeling!

Here in the mountains of the Philipines, I have come to the deep knowledge that this is important work we are doing and I must see it through sustainably and harmoniously.

And so, I ask for help.

To start my fund raising I am approaching the choir-- those who know my passion, dedication and the importance of this work.

To see the depth of intention and the transformative benefits of a planetary artistic co-creation, feel free to view the various documents we've co-created. The links are below.

Know also, that as I travel and meet some of the most humble folks and community's on the planet, I have a chance to use my funding to bring great blessing with only a few dollars here and there-- the funding of my project is for both the lofty Oneness ideas and the on the field real world Oneness opportunities I meet.

I have a collection of paintings of all shapes and sizes back in Canada. I am putting them up for sale specifically to fund-raise for the project. They range in price for a 200 to 2000$ as listed in my catalogue. Or let me know what you like and you can afford and we can connect the two.

According to my 1Mandala Co-Creative Journey Financing I aim to raise 1539$ this month to enable my return to my bike, which awaits me in Assisi Italy. From there I cycle from Italy, to Bulgaria, to Bucharest where we have events planned on 10/10/10 and 10/28/10 with HT Romania.

Ok... there it is.  Would you like a beautiful painting?  See the full catalogue

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