Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Fellowship of the Mandala on its Way

For the last two years I've been working on a project. It's taken me on the most incredible journey. It's taken me to the most unlikely places-- heck, here I am living in a village in the mountains of the Philipines! The journey has taken me deep deep inside myself for the most profound insights, coalescing of confidence, the crystallization of vision. This is what happens when, using the ancient and sacred art, you build a mandala.

It's also brought me into fellowship with the most amazing people-- folks from around the planet that share a similar passion for the radical idea of Oneness. Folks who are ready to do something about it. Friendship, love and mentorship has blossomed in a way that can only happen when you are in the midst of sharing an epic adventure of hardship, joy, trials, in a civilizational moment of great shift.

And so we've come together as a rock solid team. A core group of nine of us has united-- kinda like the fellowship of the Ring à la J.R Tolkien. Together we have set out on a grand quest. Over eight months we have revamped the project from first principles. Together we have crafted a vision and a plan for a revolutionary art project-- the only one of it's kind that I know that trascends culture, language and geography to enable anyone on the planet to contribute in building something beautiful. And this is important-- because humanity has been creating in ways that aren't so harmonious and towards things that aren't so beautiful. It's time for us to rise above this, and why not start with an art project that literally unifies all our intentions for a new Earth? Art is where humanity's new ideas first show up. And the ripples go out long and far.

And so, all this hard work on our conceptual infrastructure, we're ready to start unveiling our work and get rocking publicly. We have an eight part series of newsletters crafted and ready to send out, each points at the various elements of our conceptual work over the last few months.

Our team met last night and concurred, time to let them out to the world!

Time to Rock and Roll. Look out Mordor!

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