Thursday, August 19, 2010

Help Me, Help Them

So as many of you know, I travel Jesus style without much $ to throw around. However, as a direct consequence, I also connect deeply with some of the most humble folks and communities on Earth. In these places I encounter simple ways to leave enormous blessings. Blessings to people who aren't asking, yet who's joy I can so easily imagine. Despite my limited funds, I do my best and I am proud of the generosity that I can muster to bless and bring light to the places I pass through.

But this week, my wallet was just a tad too barren, despite all these great openings to shine light.

Take for example Evelyn from Sagada-- her tooth causes her great pain but she doesn't have the 8$ for the dentist appointment. Or there is the family that I met the other day in the remote village of Fedelisan. Their two boys have never had apples before-- as they thrice the price of other fruit (a bag = 4$). Then, there's Jeffrey's family from Delican. Their village has no road access, the only way to it is a one hour walk over a deep valley. His wife, two, kids and parents live in a small wooden home in this amazingly beautiful village, yet without things like electriciy or cameras. Imagine never having a family portrait! I would love to develop and gift them with their family portrait above (3$)! Then there's Jhane, a beautiful 23 year old from Baguio who has a cataract in one eye. Just 20$ to see an optometrist.

Blogging today, it struck me that maybe you can help me help them!

1Mandala prints are now on sale. Funds go partly to me. Although there are no banks here in these villages that take my card, if you contact me directly, and you can send the money via Western Union.

I can guarantee, not only will you get an amazing mandala made of beautiful peace portraits.... I be able to make some deliveries and send you and the 1Mandala three or four other awesome photos.


Check out the 1Mandala Print prices here:

Again don't buy using paypal there, it will take too long for the money to get to me. Instead drop me a line at russ (at)

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