Thursday, June 26, 2008

"But what about when you're starving?"

One of the great pleasures of my journey  has been meeting all sorts of interesting and fascinating people.  I have mentioned a few encounters thus far, but there have been many more.  I will share a few in the next entries.

"But what about when you're starving?"  

In the little logging community of Woss, I met a logger at the local restauraunt.  In a gruff sorta way, he was incredulous that I was biking from Smithers to Vancouver.  "But where do you get the money do that?"  I tried to explain about things going well, the universe being generous, divine light, etc... but before I could start, he interjected "But what about when you're starving?"  He repeated this question several times. 

His question really stuck with me as I later sailed off down the road.  I could just barely conceive of what he meant.  I could feel how it was a question born out of a mindset that jarred with my own.  I suppose it was the difference between being mindful of what you have rather than what you don't have.  

 After having a fantastic meal of local halibut, a coffee refill, and feeling fully satisfied by a good morning's ride, starvation was the furthest thing from my mind.  Rather the beautiful day, the nice waitress, the warm e-mails from my friends, the coming ride, all eclipsed any such anxieties.  

In a far corner of my mind I could see how drastic occurrences could lead me to be destitute on the side of the road in a day or two-- perhaps foraging for wild mushrooms or roots in the moss...   But such shadowy contingencies were quickly overwhelmed by the brilliance of the wonderful day and meal that I was enjoying.   I tried to assure him  "But right now I am not starving!  Right now everything is great.  Its a grand day!"   

I don't know if he really heard me though.  His parting words were, "Sure, today is good, but tomorrow will be better." 

 I could not agree.

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